JROTC receives "Honors with Distinction"

May 30, 2024

West Valley JROTC receives “Honors with Distinction”

The Department of the Army Cadet Command oversees the accreditation process for local JROTC programs. If a local program scores above 70%, then the program is accredited for three years. This process is called the JPA: JROTC Program of Accreditation.

This spring, the West Valley JROTC program passed the JPA accreditation process with a score of 95%. This qualifies the West Valley JROTC program to be recognized for “Honors with Distinction.” Only one other program in Washington State – the Walla Walla JROTC program – received this recognition during the recent accreditation process.

Cadets in the West Valley JROTC program will receive a Gold Start that they can wear on their uniform and the Ram Battalion will receive a streamer from the Department of Heraldry that will be added to the West Valley Regimental Flag to be used during Color Guard events.

This outstanding distinction is a credit to all of the students in the West Valley JROTC program and to the individuals who lead these students, Colonel Brian James and Master Sergeant Greg Bynum.

Congratulations to our students and staff for the West Valley JROTC program!

West Valley High School's JROTC program