Congratulations to Anna Hullet-Semifinalist in the NASA Power to Explore Challenge!

Mar 15, 2023

Mountainview Elementary 5th grade student Anna Hullet was recently announced by NASA and Future Engineers as one of 45 semifinalists in the Power to Explore Challenge.

In this national competition, NASA asked K-12 students across the country to research Radioisotope Power Systems (RPS), and then write about where their RPS-powered mission will go, describe mission goals, and what their unique power is that will help achieve mission success.

Anna Hullet's entry can be read below. Congratulations Anna!

Ice Fox, Mission to Neptune

My curiosity about the solar system has sparked an interest in Neptune, and has brought me to create this frozen mission. A curious mind is the most important part of any mission because it is the force that keeps driving on through barriers and problems, because it is always wanting to know more. It is always celebrating discoveries, thinking of new ideas, and reaching towards new things. It is as much a power source as the RPS in the heart of the spacecraft. My mission is going to be a spacecraft that orbits Neptune called Ice Fox. It is going to measure temperature, pressure, atmosphere, magnesphere, and more. It will be powered by a GPHS-RTG and many radioisotope heater units (RHU). Like other orbiting missions, it will also carry many small probes for additional data about Neptune. There will be instruments on board the unit to study Neptune from the spacecraft. They will spread out across Neptune to collect samples and additional data. I hope that this mission will fill many gaps in mine and other’s knowledge and curiosity about this frozen planet, and will continue to provide information to people around the world.