WV Teachers Preparing for Fall

The West Valley School District believes in success for each student every day. Regardless of the learning environment, our staff and teachers are committed to this principle.  We are excited to connect with our West Valley families and students this fall.  Our teachers have been hard at work adapting to a virtual learning environment and they are prepared to meet family’s needs and help students continue to learn and grow.

Over the summer months West Valley teachers have been participating in professional development opportunities.  Trainings included; strategies to increase student engagement in remote learning, tailoring curriculum to online instruction, education on Google Classroom and ways to ensure learners feel cared for and empowered.

Departments, grade levels and each school building continue to collaborate and plan in preparation for remote learning. Ongoing meetings are scheduled throughout the year to evaluate and adapt our strategies to meet the needs of our students.

We have learned many valuable lessons through our experience last spring and our preparations for fall. Our West Valley team is confident in our ability to support each student’s success this school year.  We are dedicated to continual improvement and providing the best possible educational opportunities for our learners. Thank you to all the multitude of people who support our West Valley Students, we are looking forward to our first day of learning on September 1.

Please visit our Fall 2020-21 planning page for additional information on remote learning and answers to FAQs.